Aloko Udapadi

Aloko Udapadi

"Aloko Udapadi" (Light Arose) is a story of King Valagamba of Anuradhapura (89 – 77 BCE). The film is revolving around King Valagamba and the effort to preserve the sacred heritage of the Buddha’s teaching and to mark the important chapter in the development of the Buddhist faith.

The plot of the movie is where King Valagamba who was the king in 103 BCE was overthrown from his thrown, 5 months after his coronation by Cholian invaders form South India. During the invasion lot of monks and people get killed and the teaching and heritage of buddihsm is at a risk. So the Buddhist monks decide to write down all buddah’s teachings to preserve Buddhism. King Valagamba regained the throne after foutenn years by defeating the invaders.

The film is directed by Chathra Weeraman and Baratha Hettiarachchi. Film production is done by Thusitha Wijayasena. Screenplay is written by Saman Weeraman.


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